MVT RS/CTT Day 2 Recap

On the second day of this four day course, the focus remained relatively the same. Drills from yesterday were repeated, malfunctions were induced and solved, and we continued with two man bounding. It was good content, and I know a significant portion of what we did yesterday was only supposed to be done today. 

I slowed things down a bit to focus on the corrections I needed to make from th day before. I kept my firing hand on the grip through all manipulations (except for locking th bolt the the rear).  The malfunction drills were well done, and I was happy with my performance. In all, not a lot to say about this day just yet. 

Lessons Learned

  • Stay hydrated. I ran into the same issue when I did the Appleseed event a while back. By the afternoon, I was fighting off a wicked headache caused from dehydration.  It will be even more important the next two days. 
  • Pay attention to holdovers. I have the optic zeroed for 100 meters. The point of impact will change significantly when shooting at 5, 15, or 25 meters. It is still generally in the right area, but if Precision is the goal, you must know and practice the holdovers. 

Equipment Notes

  • I ran the BCM LW 16” all day. It was flawless, and I definitely have grown to more appr coats this gun than I had in the past. 
  • Plastic MOE handguards deal with heat pretty damn well
  • The Elcan OS4x has been fantastic for this type of shooting. However, I dislike the mount. It hasn’t gone anywhere, but the adjustment screws on the ARMS mount keepi backing themselves off. I like was reluctant to picture them, but I may have to.
  • Chest rigs are definitely easier to work from than belts
  • My gun, as well as all th other BCMs present ran great, the cheap DTI guns combined with poor ammo crashed and burned pretty bad

Tomorrow we move off the square range and add to the toolbox. 


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