MVT RS/CTT Day 1 Retrospective

The posts over the next few days will be short recaps is the training day’s events. I’m doing them on my phone, so forgive the typos. 

Day 1 is rifle skills. This is a fundamentals course intended for those who need to be brought up ton speed on the basics of marksmanship, weapon handling, and shooting. The day is historically optional, but will not be next year. While certainly basic, I found it to be a good refresher for things I hadn’t done since the days of action shooting in Montana. 

I found the discussion of the marksmanship fundamentals to be pretty minimal. But, I reckon that Max realized that all the students in the class were on top of things. For having not fired a rifle since the beginning of the year, I was quite happy with my tight 3 shot clusters during this phase (which included zeroing at 25 meters). 

The remainder of the day broke down into sets of drills for weapons handling, moving through positions, and transitions from shoulder to shoulder. There was some extra events thrown in with moving into and out of cover, but that is not typical and was done more because our small class finished the curriculum early.  

I would say that there probably could have been more content, but I would wager the class usually moves slower with more people. I know there is similar content tomorrow that was not fine today, so we will see how it works out. 

Learning Points:

  • Keep the firing hand on the trip at all times unless being used to lock the bolt back. I struggled with this mainly because I’ve grown accustomed to doing things with the firing hand. I blame California and the stupid bullet. I kept wanting to use my firing hand to actuate charging handle (I have an ambidextrous one). 
  • When working in pairs, communication is key. More than that, don’t just yell and communicate for the hell of it- do something about it. 
  • Stress will make you do funny things. I clearly had not been on my reload from the belt game. The first time I had to do it, I ended up pulling out pistol mags twice and then finally a rifle mag. Also, I need to pick an orientation for the rifle mags. 

Gear Lessons

  • The medium battle belt worked fantastically, no complaints. 
  • The Vertx smock was great, if not a little warm as the sun bore down us and th temn went into he high 70s. I are a lot of use from the magazine pouches sewn into the main chest pockets. This way, I carry a mag in the gun, two on the belt, and then feed the belt from the chest pockets during lulls. 
  • Ascalon, the recce, choked by the end of the day. It functioned fantastic up to that point, leaving nice little piles of brass to my 4 o’clock. I don’t know if it was lube, dust, or something else, but it was suffering consistent feed failure. I was wondering if this would happen given that I’ve always questioned if it was assembled correctly by the last shop that I had remount the barrel. Rather than messing with it the rest of the day, I switched to the BCM LW 16. No further issues. I will continue running the BCM Tomorrw. 
  • The TR24 was great,  being able to move from no magnification to 4x was very useful. Although I did seem to have a problem with the ocular adjustment ring staying in place. 
  • The fixed 4x Elcan was still quite usable, even at close range. I will get more time on it tomorrow. 

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