The Battle Belt, Mod 1

Late in 2015, I completed my first iteration of a battle belt. I admitted at the time that the configuration was mostly based on research and theory rather than practice. Since then, I’ve had a few more months to work on the practice portion and some changes have been made- albeit relatively minor ones. I’ve continued to apply the principles of METT-T and changed my approach a bit. Keep in mind, this is all just based on my own observation and experimentation. I’m not some door kicking meat eater with decades of light infantry experience backing me up. What I have seen, though, is that even the guys with the credentials don’t have a common way of running gear. It is very much a personal thing, so long as it works.

The New Hotness


The addition of a the MVT Chest Rig, as well as a more fully featured H-Harness from First Spear, drove the changes here. I will talk more about those as well.

The fundamental purpose of this belt is to carry a minimum effective fighting kit. I still want this belt to support all of my magazine fed weapons (both 5.56/308 and pistol). I reduced the amount of survival and comfort items. Those things will either be carried in pockets or in a pack. This is more than the pure minimalist belts out there that have just a few items on it, but it also is much more stripped down that the British PLCE style belt I was pursuing before. I place it in more of a mid-weight category.

Here is the newest iteration of the system.

Pouches from left to right:

  • TT Magna double pistol magazine pouch
  • HSGI Taco (holds one 5.56 or .308 magazine)
  • HSGI Taco (holds one 5.56 or .308 magazine)
  • HSGI Bleeder Pouch
  • BAE Systems Eclipse Canteen/General Purpose Pouch
  • Grizzly Outdoors kydex knife sheath for BK-10 knife
  • Safariland 3280 holster for Beretta 92A1 with or without attached light

When I put the original belt out there in the public eye with a request for feedback, I received a lot of good input. The biggest thing to look out for was bulk, particularly on the sides. My original concept had two triple mag pouches set on the outside of HSGI tacos. When filled, this created 4+ magazines worth of horizontal bulk. I found that it tended to snag on things, particularly door frames and furniture. It didn’t really work the way I originally intended.

P1010690.jpgI dropped the external TT pouches in favor of just the two tacos. This reduced the ammunition capacity from 8+1 to 2+1. Alternatively, it went from eight pounds of ammunition on the left side of the belt to two. My logic is that this is a minimum fighting capability, good for generally bumming around and enough to get out of most sticky situations. Extra magazines can always be carried in pockets, especially if I’m wearing a smock. 

I scaled back the trauma kit back a bit. The HSGI Bleeder just doesn’t hold all that much. This kit represents a bare minimum capability for stopping bleeding, and should be supplemented by a larger first aid kit carried in a pack or pocket.

  • 1 pair nitrile gloves
  • 1 pair HyFin vented compact chest seals
  • 1 NAR S-Folded gauze
  • OLAES 4″ Compression Bandage
  • CAT Tourniquet
  • Flat roll of 100 mph tape
  • Benchmade Rescue Hook 8

I searched for a tear away method of mounting the Bleeder pouch so that I could rip it off with either hand when I need it, but no avail. Instead, I attached the bleeder pouch with two MOLLE Stix. This lets me give a firm yank to a lanyard and unlock the mount. From there, I simply give an upward pull and the pouch falls free. I much prefer this method because removing the kit and putting it next to whatever I’m trying to do is much more desirable than twisting around and fishing through a very crowded pouch on the belt. It’s not a perfect solution, but it works. I also experimented with a Chinook Med TMK pouch, but I didn’t like the way it sat on the belt. Another option I’m looking at is SO Tech’s Flat Viper kit.

P1010691.jpgI wavered back and forth regarding water carriage. I considered removing the canteen carriers all together. I carry a 3L water bladder in my pack, so losing the canteens off the belt wouldn’t represent a great loss. However, I kept one with the reasoning that I can always remove the canteens and continue using the covers as general purpose pouches. Furthermore, hard bottles do still have their perks over bladders (thats a discussion for another day).  

I wanted something that was a bit less bulky than the MOLLE II covers I had. I picked up two of the BAE Eclipse pouches as well as an SO Tech Canteen pouch during my experimentation. The BAE pouches are much lower profile, and present a nice tight fit for my Nalgene canteens, but can also hold other items (including 4 more magazines). It will not hold the canteen nested with cup and stove, though. Since this belt is intended to be used with a backpack, I decided those items could be carried elsewhere. The SO Tech carrier is perfect, and is my favorite carrier by far- but I thought it was better utilized on my larger H-Harness.

The other major addition is a new fixed blade knife. On my first revision, I mounted a Spartan Blades Breed Fighter Dagger. While a fighting knife is cool, it honestly isn’t as useful as a general purpose utility knife.

The Becker BK-10 is my camping knife. It is Ethan Becker’s version of the classic Air Crew Survival Knife, and is designed as a type of “do all” outdoors knife. It is fairly large and wide, which makes it useful for many outdoor tasks, but also makes carry options a little more challenging. The kydex sheath came from Grizzly Outdoors, and is very nice. I have it mounted with zip ties for the moment, bt am looking into other mounting methods.

Other Changes


A side effect of this project is a strong reconsideration of what kind of pack I want to use.I’ve been running a SOC Three Day Pass as a “do all.” The reality is that there are different packs for different purposes, and “do all” doesn’t really work well for any of them. My GoRuck GR1 now serves as a general purpose 24 hour “assault” pack and is considered an integral part of the fighting kit. The next step up would be something like the Karrimor SF Predator 45 for a few days worth of patrolling, and then a full on large TT MALICE pack for extended periods. That is a long term project, of course, as none of that gear comes cheaply. 

The MVT Chest Rig I picked up last year has become the “plus up” for this fighting kit. It adds an additional four magazines in the main pouches, and the ability to stuff an additional four in the radio pockets (two magazines will fit on each side). The chest rig is light enough and low profile enough that it doesn’t get in the way or add undue weight or bulk. When I bought it, I also picked up a few small pouches, but those have been migrated elsewhere in an effort to keep the chest rig low profile.


The combination of the medium belt, the chest rig, and the backpack provide an effective layering system. At the lowest end, I could carry a concealed pistol on a standard belt. Add the chest rig to that and I have a basic pistol/rifle combo. The next level would be wearing the medium battle belt by itself, which provides pistol, rifle, and basic survival needs. Add the chest rig to that and it increases the rifle capability (as well as some other “nice to haves”). Add the pack to any of it, and there is essentially no limit to flexibility (so long as weight is kept reasonable). The combination provides a selection between 3, 5, or 7 magazines (including one in the rifle).

The H-Harness

I mentioned that I also picked up a more traditional H-Harness. I managed to get a pretty screaming deal on a First Spear 6/12 Tactical Patrolling Harness. I’ll do a more thorough overview of it later, but it is being pressed to fill that traditional dismounted patrol niche. The harness is equipped to carry six magazines, two canteens, a utility pouch, knife, medical, and other misc items. It has a much wider belt, and sturdier shoulder straps.


This follows the same pattern as my previous battle belt configuration, but with equipment that is actually designed for it. Here is a quick rundown of the H-Harness configuration:

  • MVT Medium Pouch
  • TT Universal Mag pouch
  • Chinook Med TMK IFAK
  • ATS medium utility pouch
  • Tactical Tailor canteen utility pouch
  • SO Tech canteen pouch
  • Knife sheath for the BK-10
  • TT Universal Mag Pouch
  • MVT Medium Pouch

You will probably notice that I left off a holster and pistol ammunition. I set this is up as a rifle-focused kit. If needed, I would carry a pistol in my HSGI holster, which is slightly dropped on my leg, and also has magazine carriers. I’ve left a small gap in the pouches on my rights side to help with that. If I wanted to, I can go back and mount a MOLLE holster into the space between the knife and magazine pouch, but I would honestly rather save the weight.

So far, all of the pouches mounted on the patrolling harness are “leftovers” from things I’ve experimented with in the past and didn’t keep. That’s not to say they are bad items, they just weren’t filling the need at the time. On this kit, they work very well as a way to comfortably carry more stuff on the belt, potentially eliminating the need for a separate pack. I plan on writing more about this kit in the future.


I first started this post almost a year ago. It has taken so long to finish because I am constantly tweaking and adjusting while trying to figure out what works best for me. The truth is that there really is no final answer for how to set up your gear, and everything comes down to personal preferences.



6 thoughts on “The Battle Belt, Mod 1”

  1. Great, now you’re making me re-think my entire setup.

    I had a Condor (I know, I know…) battle belt and got a pair of HSGI tacos for it. The molle was SO difficult to attach, and I wasn’t competing at all back then, that I sold the pouches and got rid of the belt. Now I’m moving towards a belt-mounted system that expands with a (recently acquired) chest rig & backpack (not finalized).

    1. Getting MALICE clips to weave through tacos definitely sucks. I’ve been using them for years, and they are loosening up just enough to not be as miserable- but they still suck. They also do not move whatsoever, though.

      The combo of belt, light chest rig, and light backpack do seem to provide a very versatile setup for most conceivable situations. A backpack that has caught my interest lately is the Savotta Minijääkäri backpack. Finnish military, about 20-22 liters, and would make a great light pack.

      Sadly, I don’t think achieving the perfect set up is really possible. Everyone fidgets with their stuff constantly.

      1. “Fidget” is the perfect word for it. Even if I were to come up with the perfect system, I plan on adding a CZ Scorpion Evo3 to the mix soon, and that will screw everything up again. As always, I’ll be very interested to see how you evolve your system as you go forward.


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