Just One More Step on the New Rifle


This project is almost in the bag…or in the safe. Whatever.

I ordered the wrong size triangular hand guard cap by mistake. I didn’t check if the Colt one I purchased was for .750 or .625 barrels. I needed the latter, but ended up with the former. Not a big deal, since it’s a $3 part and already ordered the correct one from BCM.

Once I have that, the upper is off to West Coast Armory for pinning the FSB and final assembly.

I am very happy with the mock up pictured above. I assembled all the parts without final torquing, and it handles beautifully. Balance is right at the rear of the magazine well. The Rainier Arms upper and lower receivers have the tightest fit I’ve ever seen, and the whole thing just feels solid. I expect this may be a new favorite.

Not much longer until it’s off for a trip to the range.


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