Let’s Make it Official



Finished in 5th place for the base, I’ll take it. Dunno when I’ll get to start wearing this nifty new badge, but it will be nice to have something different.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Make it Official”

  1. Great job!

    A quick word of thanks for you and your blog. I lucked into it a few months ago while researching shooting positions for an Appleseed. Your posts regarding the sitting and kneeling positions helped a ton, enabling me to squeak past the qualifying score with a 214. Since then I’ve read most of the rest of your posts and have come away with a lot of great info. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks! I’m glad Appleseed went well for you! I haven’t gotten to do another one since my first one in 2014, but I really want to.

      I’ll surely keep trying to put up useful content if y’all keep reading it.


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