I Have an Itch, and a Vision

For whatever reason, I’ve had an itch lately to build another rifle. The Musket has evolved away from its original purpose as an iron sight training rifle and towards a full fledged fighting rifle. That has also resulted in a commensurate growth in weight. I have an idea for a lightweight iron sighted KISS rifle.

I did a quick mock up on Gunstruction


I want to go for a slick sided minimalist rifle as I can get. I have it set up with a lightweight 18″ barrel, fixed stock, basic A1 style sight, and more modern furniture. There is just something very appealing about this configuration to me right now. I went flat top just in case I feel the need to add a red dot in the future.



5 thoughts on “I Have an Itch, and a Vision”

  1. I built almost the exact rifle last year except I cut the barrel to 17″ and used a collapsable stock. Just the DD A1.5 sight, inforce WML mounted on the magpul rifle length handguard and used the magpul sling and it has become my favorite rifle to use.


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