New ACOG on the Market

It seems that Trijicon quietly released their newest addition to the ACOG lineup. The TA-110 builds upon the technology used in the TA02, which was essentially a battery powered TA01/TA31.


The TA-110 is effectively a battery powered LED TA-11. Why is this interesting, you ask? I always felt that the TA02’s success was hindered because the usefulness of its battery power was irrelevant next to the eye relief drawbacks of TA-01/31 series. The TA-11, on the other hand, negates most of those issues and was among the most popular competition optics on the market because of its balance of field of view, magnification, and eye relief.

Had the TA-110 been on the market last year, I very well may have purchased it over my ELCAN SpecterOS 4x. As it stands now, the ELCAN still fills my battery-powered fixed magnification combat optic niche, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. However, I still plan on picking up a fiber-optic powered TA11 to fill the no-battery role.

Something else to keep in mind is that the expansion of Trijicon’s battery powered ACOG line to the TA-11 means that a version of extremely popular TA33 might be just around the corner.

The addition of battery power increases the weight of the TA-11 from 14 oz to 16.8 oz without mount. That’s not light by any means- but it’s not a terrible increase, either. Whether the weight penalty is worth it to you depends on your uses.

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