Staying Motivated With Small Improvements

In any endeavor, you need to keep some perspective on the difficulty of the challenge. Be it marksmanship, fitness, financial, or any other challenge, you need to set appropriate goals and track relevant metrics to gauge yourself on progress.

It’s been a month since I announced I was going to do the GoRuck Tough in August. I started the GoRuck training plan two weeks ago. And while I’ve never really been in bad shape, I can’t honestly say I’ve been in particularly good shape, either. From day to day, I notice the little changes in how well I complete the workout. More so, I notice improvements in work capacity and endurance at my unit’s official physical training sessions. These things motivate me and let me know that I’m making progress.

As I look back at my marksmanship endeavors, I notice the evolution of my progress tracking. However, I also notice a lack of accountability and real performance standard. A score from a shooting position is something, and certainly better than what I had before, but it’s rather limiting. When I think back to my original goals when I started this blog, they were much more challenging. I no longer have them posted mostly because I never succeeded in developing a way to test my progress in achieving them.

Ultimately, that is the most important part. You are what you measure. If you measure the things that matter to you and your goals, you will have more success and stay motivated. If you measure things that are tangental, or irrelevant, then you will be frustrated and unsuccessful. That in applies in all things.

4 thoughts on “Staying Motivated With Small Improvements”

  1. You set goals, make a plan to achieve them, and just keep plugging. Slow, fitful, and painful progress should be the expected norm, life being what it is.

    Or, you can just sit on the couch watching TV and eating junk food…

    1. Challenging yourself is the hard thing, and its easier to sit on the couch and criticize others.

      Good to hear from you, Pete! How is that AR build progressing? I’ve been giving serious consideration to doing a similar build as you wanted- a pure iron sight KISS rifle.

      1. Well it took a strange turn. I wound up having a Colt HBar Match A-2 complete upper literally dropped in my lap. Then while looking for a stripped shell lower, I found an Aero Precision used complete lower with collapsible stock for a price I couldn’t turn down. So now I have a working rifle, coincidentally configured just like the ones we use at work.

        Building one to your previous specs is still on the list though, once I get past several expensive vehicle repair/maintenance issues. My eyes need a flat-top for optics.


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