I’ve long been a fan of the EDC movement, and particularly the stuff that gets posted on Everyday Carry. There is something interesting about looking at what various people carry with them on a daily basis. I sometimes think that the stuff that gets posted is a bit overboard, taking the “two is one, one is none” mindset a little too far. Alternatively, those folks might just be lying about what they actually regularly carry. In any case, here is the Everyday Marksman’s Everyday Carry. These are the items that I typically have on or near me (such as my brief case) every day.


Going left to right, top to bottom:

1. Nalgene Oasis Canteen

2. Surefire G2X Pro Flashlight

3. Hamilton King Khaki Automatic Watch

4. Benchmade Griptilian Folding Knife

5. Leatherman Skeletool

6. Federal Supply Service Green Notebook

7. Tactile Turn Mover Machined Brass Pen

8. Rite in the Rain Pen

9. Rite in the Rain notebook

10. Maui Jim Wiki-Wiki sunglasses

11. Tumi Wallet

12. iPhone 6s+ in Magpul Case

13. Keys with INOVA BB-R mini red keychain LED light

There are some things that may get swapped out, such as Klean Kanteen bottle instead of the Nalgene, or a G-Shock GW3500 atomic solar watch instead of the Hamilton. As much as I’d love to carry a pistol with me, both my occupation and location preclude that possibility. In general, the water bottle/canteen, Benchmade knife, flashlight, and green notebook live in my briefcase. Everything else is carried in my pockets (benefit of being in the military…uniforms have lots of pockets). I’d love to get fancy with things like first aid kits and other elements of a “quality” EDC, but I work in a place that has things like that readily available. The stuff I carry day to day is simple and low profile enough that it’s always there when I need it, but not so obvious that it causes problems.




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