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Range Report: Chasing Zeroes

Finally got out to the range yesterday, it’s been a few months at least. The primary task at hand was to test out the new AFAB muzzle brake on the 20″ Musket, but I also wanted to zero optics since I put the ELCAN SpecterOS on the 16″ AR and moved the Viper PST 2.5-10×32 to the Musket.

Additionally, I was testing out some new gear (SORD shooting mat and a new MagnetoSpeed chronograph).

The day was…frustrating. I don’t know what it is, but I had a devil of a time trying to get a consistent zero on the Viper PST. I would fire three shots, measure in the reticle and make adjustments, and the next several shots would be somewhere other than where I wanted. Or, I would make adjustments, the next shot would be right where I wanted it, and the next four would scatter high and left. I was worried that I boned up the installation of the AFAB, but swapping the ELCAN back to the Musket seemed to solve the issue.

By the end of the session, things seemed to settle in, but I’m still not overly confident. Perhaps there is something wrong with the scope or mount- I feel like I’ve had pretty consistent troubles with this optic on all the rifles it’s been mounted on. Perhaps I should just stick to lower magnification on my ARs.

The AFAB performed very well, and I will be finishing up my review of it. I am very happy with what it brings to the table. The BCM comp on the 16″ rifle was downright blasty and concussive in comparison.

The MagnetoSpeed is quite handy! I tested two loads: the ADI 69 gr SMK that I’ve been shooting for about a year, and some Privi 55gr .223. The former averaged about 2750 in the 20″ (that seems a bit slow…but it’s consistent with what I’ve researched), and the Privi was about 3100. I did run into a snag when I wanted to chrono the shorter 16″ gun, there isn’t enough barrel space to mount the bayonet, which stopped me from getting the bore close enough to the magnetic sensors. That one might take more experimenation.


1 thought on “Range Report: Chasing Zeroes”

  1. Hi,
    I’ll be very interested in your review of the AFAB muzzle brake. I placed one on my AR with a 20″ barrel replacing the J-Comp (Japan type) muzzle brake. I have not had a chance to fire it yet, due to weather. I found the J-Comp was okay, but after reading TTAG’s review thought I’d give it a go.


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