Taking Others to the Range

I find solitary range time to be therapeutic. Between the focused breathing, keen awareness of my body and surroundings, and the satisfying feeling of the weapon’s “BANG,” a day at the range is my version of meditation.

That said, never forget the importance of taking others to the range.

Yesterday, I took everyone in my office out to my local range and provided enough ammunition and weapons to keep everyone happy and engaged. Being the military, nearly every one of these individuals has had some experience with firearms, but it was typically limited only to the M9 or the M16 (not necessarily both). In nearly every case, it has been many years since their last qualification with those weapons.

I am pretty vocal about my support of shooting sports, it’s part of my effort to “normalize” talk of guns. Some people passively listen, but have no real context to participate. Well, now they will. After a safety briefing and review of the basic rules, everyone had a great time blasting ammo at targets near and far. Some started asking more detailed questions about marksmanship, and others started asking specific questions about purchasing their own ARs or handguns. Everyone expressed interest in going to the range again.

And that is really the point. Every person that has a positive experience shooting firearms is one more person willing to, at a minimum, listen to pro-2A arguments. Even more so, they may become advocates themselves, and change their positions on the myriad of pointless gun laws on the books (because those laws will now directly affect them in ways that they did not understand before). That is how we win.

One side sells fear and disinformation. The other side changes minds with experience.

3 thoughts on “Taking Others to the Range”

    1. +1. This is the way we win. Us young folks have to look past “stemming the tide for a few more years” which seems to be the older generations’ version of “victory.”

  1. well done. that’s one of the reasons I think Project Appleseed is a great program. Grassroots based, accessible, educational, safety-conscious, fun and in the end people think very differently about shooting and want more. and they want to share their experience with others.


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