Notes From Today’s Range Session

Today was the first time I’ve been able to shoot in nearly a month. The range was a sunny 64 degrees, with a 25-30 kt wind from the 9 o’clock. I practiced a few positions, managing to easily keep my shots within the 4″ black of the targets at 100 yards. The groups weren’t terribly tight, mind you, but they were consistent. Most were running about 2-3″, though I did manage a roughly 1.3″ group from prone.

I don’t want to get into the gritty details. The Musket continues to function flawlessly. I LOVE the smooth action of the Sprinco green spring I installed. The ELCAN’s glass also continues to impress, and I have no complaints.

In my notes, I wrote a lot about the effect of my pulse on the shots for the day. Perhaps it was a combination of my relatively thin shirt (TAD henley) and slightly elevated blood pressure, but I was watching my pulse rate move the reticle quite a bit. I had to try and time my shots between those pulses, which was not an easy feat given that my heart rate is not particularly slow (at least not compared to my wife, who has one in the 40-50 bpm range). I’ll do some more digging into dealing with pulsing.

After finishing up on the 100 yard range, I moved to the 50. The main goal here was to start working on holdover points for the ELCAN’s reticle. I more or less have it figured out. At 50 yards, I use the bottom of the center crosshair’s vertical line. I thought I figured out that the 300 meter mark on the reticle also correlated to 25 yards, but it turns out that the 400 meter marking is about dead on for 25 yards.

So, to clarify, a 20″ government rifle firing ADI 69gr SMK loads using an ELCAN SpecterOS4x zeroed at 100 meters means that the bottom of the center crosshair is good for 50 yards, and the 400 meter mark is good for 25 yards.

I finished the day with an Appleseed AQT. I scored a 216. I think I actually shot better than that, but I didn’t figure out the 400 meter mark was best for 25 yards until after half way through phase 2. All of my shots on off hand and the first half of phase 2 were low due to this.


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