Tough Choices

Obviously, I’ve been quiet for the last couple of weeks. I’ve been occupied with family visiting, and an unexpected (but quite welcome) change of position at work. I have a range day scheduled for tomorrow, a sort of “back to basics” day that may or may not involve a lot of iron sights shooting (TBD on that front).

I’ve had a 308 AR project sitting unfinished in my safe for over two years now. My holdup has come down to barrel selection. From the beginning, I intended this rifle to be a more reliable and potentially more accurate semi auto 308 than my M1A. With experience and time, my thoughts have also trended towards keeping it lighter and handier rifle that would serve admirably in both everyday marksman shooting and hunting of medium sized game.

I find myself struggling with the choice of barrel, though. I thought I was settled on a Fulton 18″ lightweight chrome lined match. However, new offerings on the market have really piqued my interest. Particularly the offerings from Faxon firearms. I believe I’ve narrowed the field down to their 18″ medium taper 4150 barrel that has been nitrided. But I do keep considering their 18″ 416R fluted stainless option.


3 thoughts on “Tough Choices”

  1. If you haven’t looked at AR15 Performance barrels, you really should. Quality per dollar may be unbeatable.

    1. I have, actually. If I ever do a 6.8 for some reason (which would probably be hunting), Harrison is my guy. But he doesn’t make LR308 format barrels anymore, unfortunately.

      1. Harrison was working on a special AR308 that was unique. A cross between an AR15 & AR308.

        It went on his sight and sold out and now no other mention of it anywhere.

        I asked about last fall and he said he wasn’t going to rush putting into service until it was ready.

        I guess it’s still not ready.

        As for your 308 build .. I just finished mine. I am a lightweight AR guy. But I went with the medium profile MEGA 18″ melonited barrel. I went lightweight everywhere but the barrel and bcg. I haven’t weighed it because I don’t want to know.

        I wanted the 20″ lightweight before I settled on an 18″ barrel. I run a suppressor if you are wondering why I went with a less than 20″ medium profile barrel.

        And .. yes .. I love my 6.8 from arp. It’s a scout profile 16″ and a 12.5″ pistol .. soon to be SBR. Harrison is a good guy and makes a good product.


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