Quick Rifle Update

Practice with the new Elcan SpecterOS is ongoing. I’m still experimenting with positions on the top rail. In short, I’ve found that the sweet spot is where I had it before, with one slot behind and one slot in front. This works the best for me when shooting from positions and slung up. Moving it almost completely to the rear offers generous cheek positions, but since I tend to shoot NTCH, that is too far back. If I leave two slots at the rear, which leaves room for a folding BUIS, I’ve found that the sight is still very usable with nearly full FOV from left to right, but I lose just a hair at the top. In fact, I wouldn’t have even realized this except for the reticle label etched into the very top of the glass “CX5855.” For all I know, this isn’t even supposed to be part of the field of view.

I received the updated ARMS MK II levers. They would have been a 10 minute install, if not for the relatively poorly written instructions with no pictures to guide me. They do tighten the mount up significantly. However, they were not enough to get a tight fit on my 16″ recce (Spikes upper receiver), all the others work great (BCM). That’s a bit of a bummer, as I believe this optic would be a great fit for that configuration (16″ barrel, low profile gas block, longer handguard).

Curious about the reticle measurements after my last post, I sent an email to Elcan asking for the reticle dimensions for both the central crosshair and drop values for the BDC. They informed me that they were the military contract side of the house, and the reticle I have is for the civilian market. To get the answers I seek, I have to ask the US importer (Armament Technology). I sent them an email as well, but have not heard back. I’ll give it another couple days before trying again.

Lastly, I made some configuration changes to the 20″ Musket. I dropped the Magpul handstop and moved the sling QD socket back about an inch and a half, it now sits about 2/3 the way down the handguard. I got the idea from The New Rifleman, who has been experimenting with the same SAP sling. This lets me keep my upper arm more vertical in the prone, which helps prevent the sling from sliding down my arm. It also provides a natural handstop closer to the receiver. So far so good.

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