Found on the Internet: A Not-So-Everyday Challenge

Youtube recommended this video to me, and I thought it was a worthy few minutes of my life. My thoughts after the embed.



A few things stood out to me. I really like the idea of having enough space to run around and make a physical challenge out of putting hits on target. It’s one thing to make small groups on paper when you are relaxed and not heaving air from exertion. It’s another when you have to run around in full kit and participate in exhausting physical challenges before making shots. Your heart rate is up, your breathing is heavier (and much more difficult to pause), sweat is dripping in your eyes, you have trouble focusing, and your muscles may not be as stable. Additionally, doing it under time pressure means that you don’t always get to settle into a perfect position.

Regarding the individual shooting, I thought it was interesting that he was using an M4 with iron sights for most of the challenge. I figure a challenge geared towards the “Designated Marksmen” would involve a SAM-R rifle. But, that may also just be a mislabeling of the video. The technique of laying his forearm on the barrier, and then resting the gun on top of the forearm is much different than what I’ve seen in the past. I don’t know if it is official doctrine, but I can see the utility. Personally, I would rather throw a beanbag or something down and find a better position.

I noticed that the traditional sling swivel was mounted on the left side of the front sight base. I know it’s pretty common to have sling mounts on the sides of rifles (I do the same at times using pushbutton QD), but I’ve never seen one like that.

When the shooter used the scoped M14, the recent articles posted about the shortcomings of the platform came to mind. The magazine was not as intuitive to load, and the ergos just weren’t there. Once it was ready, though, the shooter seemed to have no problems making a hit.

In all, I would love to rotate something like this into my practice. But it requires space I just don’t have.


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