Ammo Selection

In light of my playing with two new factory 69gr SMK loads, I’m going to start practicing with the ADI Outback .223 69gr SMK load. I can get it for about $10 a box, which is only $2 more per box than I was paying for the overpressured Independence 55gr 5.56 load. Since I now have a set ammo budget per month, and given the rate at which I go to the range, I should be able to keep a pretty steady stockpile on hand for the foreseeable future.


I gotta say I’m also pretty impressed by how soft shooting it felt compared to what I’ve been using. Perhaps that’s the difference between 5.56 and .223, but I am really starting to think the Israeli stuff I was shooting was just way too hot. And now that I’ve got a couple thousand pieces of spent brass from it, I hope it’s all still usable.



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