SHOT Show 2015 Initial Impressions

Hooray for SHOT show! It’s one of the two major trade shows that I pay attention to each year (the other being E3). There are tons of blogs and web sites floating nearly hourly updates about what they have seen. I don’t need to go into all of the cool and/or interesting things that I have read about. So I’ll just focus on the highlights that have really grabbed my interest in the ballistic arts.

1) The KRG FOX-42


This is the return of the mythical Magpul Massoud, which was the larger scale brother to the ill-fated ACR. The original design had a lot of interesting features that I liked, especially the gas system. The hybrid DI/Tappet has apparently been ditched for this model, but I suppose I can live without it. I really like the idea of more semi-auto precision oriented 308’s on the market. FNH also announced they will be selling the SCAR-20 to the public, but it will come in at a price point that is simply way out of bounds for most shooters.

What has me skeptical about the FOX-42 is that KRG, well known for their R700 chassis systems, is that they’ve never come out with a complete rifle. I have no idea what this will cost, but I’m betting north of $2k, putting it in the same category as GAP-10 and Larue OBR rifles, pretty stiff competition.

2) IWI ACE 32 and 51


I’ve been jonesing for an AK for a couple years now. Not for any particular reason, mind you. I just want one. The problem is that making mods to the old warhorse is rather complicated, purists will insist on sticking with the uncomfortable wood furniture and mediocre irons, and there are just better options today when it comes to fighting rifles. The ACE is the improved Israeli Galil, which was itself essentially an improved AK.

The ACE will probably replace my desire for an AK (phew….no Communist weapons here). But I will have to decide if I want to go the 7.62×39 route or the 7.62×51 (I’m leaning towards the x39).

3) Trijicon 8×42 binoculars

I’ve been in the market for a pair of binos for a while, but never committed. I thought I had settled on a pair of Vortex Vipers, or Hawke ED (on the recommendation of Ilya at optics thoughts). But Trijicon entering the binocular market is very interesting to me. No word on price, though.

4) Silencerco Omega

I’ve been wanting to play with my own suppressors for a while. California says I can’t do that, so it’s going to have to wait until I leave this state and go back to a “free” one. I really like what Silencerco/SWR has done in the last several years. I’ve always been told my first can should be a .308 so I can use it on all of my rifles, and then get a separate 5.56 can later on.


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