Made a Few Purchases

Gearing up for the year, I’ve decided to do a little buying of some stuff to help with goals.

First, I bought about 40 of the Appleseed AQT targets. If I want to make the 215 score at an official Appleseed shoot, I might as well practice on the same target. I also bought 40 of the scaled targets for up to 100 yards. I can place them at 25, 50, 75, and 100 and have them scale to roughly the same size they represent on the AQT. But now I will have the added benefit of getting to work at longer ranges.

In addition to targets, I want to play with some other ammunition. I’ve been shooting Independence 55gr 5.56 for most of the last year, but only because it was readily available at my local shop and relatively cheap. I’ve got three boxes of .223 ADI 69gr SMK and three boxes of Winchester Ranger 69gr BTHP Match on the way. I got a pretty fair price on these, and if they perform well, I’ll try to be using it for the rest of the year. I have worked out a set ammunition budget for each month, and it’s generous enough that I can keep good quality ammo on order.

lastly, it’s not a purchase, but Magpul’s announcements this week have been pretty impressive! AK stocks/handguards, Glock magazines, Remington 700 stocks, and who knows what else is coming. I hope they aren’t overextending themselves.

2 thoughts on “Made a Few Purchases”

  1. I found PDF’s of several versions of the Appleseed targets (as well as piles of dot drill and mil reticle targets) that I plan to use this year with the new rifle I just completed. I have a full version of the 25m target that is scaled to 11×17…which I can thankfully print piles of at my office. I believe I also have PDF’s of the scaled targets…so I can work at true ranges as well. They are all easily found via Google…or I would be glad to share if anyone is interested. I think the AQT presents a personal challenge that is attainable with some work, but will also include the use of fundamentals not typically included in standard range practice.

  2. Derek….good shooting is good execution of the fundamentals.
    Great shooting is great execution of the fundamentals.
    Fundamentals are everything.
    Many Amazon reviewers of my books call their content “basic”, but they fail to realize that master-class shooters perform the “basics” (fundamentals) at a master-class level. That’s what makes them masters, not some esoteric secret-squirrel techniques.
    Keep working at all the fundamentals.


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