Found on the Internet: ITS Tactical on the Glory of Rifles

I’ve been mulling over how to write about what I think is a great cultural aspect of American history: marksmanship. ITS Tactical recently put up a post that really resonated with me. I’ll just leave this excerpt here, please check out the rest.

There’s an inherit skill that’s required to be a true marksman with a rifle, one that takes dedication, commitment and hard work. I believe working with a rifle for some is very cathartic, as it allows us to channel our attention into a constructive activity. You can find plenty of rifles these days and it would be a side story to talk about how to pick a quality rifle for your purposes, but I will say this. The first thing you need to consider is what the mission is for the rifle.

Is it a serious duty platform, a plinker or something you plan to use in competitions? Each of these platforms will have different requirements and expectations to meet. What I really boil it down to, is whether it’s a tool or a toy. Answer that question first and you’ll be on your way to selecting the best platform for your needs.

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