2014 in Review, 2015 “To Do” List

I already talked about a lot of my thoughts for the year, so this is just more to formalize everything.

Things that I thought went well this year:

  • Learned a firm grasp of the marksmanship fundamentals
  • Grew more honest with myself about my needs and what equipment is actually needed to support those needs
  • Through other bloggers and writers, got exposed to a wider world of shooting

Things that I thought could have gone better:

  • I did not follow through on some of my goals, namely competing in local competition
  • I never developed an effective way to test my accuracy at ranges beyond 100 yards
  • I chose goals that were too aggressive for my relative novice ability, especially given my personal and professional obligations
  • I underestimated the cost of ammunition a bit, which prevented me from buying sufficient quantities of match ammo and left me shooting what I could buy locally

As far as the coming year goes, I’ve already laid out a few goals:

  • From a draw with a duty belt and holster in the standing position, be capable of placing ten shots from a Beretta 92A1 within an eight inch circle at 25 meters within 15 seconds.
  • From a draw with a duty belt and holster in the standing position, be capable of placing ten shots from a Beretta 92A1 on a sixteen inch circle at 50 meters within twenty seconds.
  • Using factory ammunition, be capable of shooting a 3 MOA target at any range up to three hundred yards using an AR15, magnified optic, and shooting sling. This can be from prone, sitting, or kneeling.
  • Score at least 215 points on an Appleseed AQT target

You will notice that I plan on working with pistol quite a bit this year. I will also be maintaining my work on the rifle. I have narrowed down my shooting positions for achieving my rifle accuracy standard, as the 4 MOA standard I had for last year was beyond expert level for even high power shooters. I will establish a new goal for offhand, as I do need a lot of work there, but I need to figure out a reasonable goal first (I’m thinking almost triple the old goal).

As far as other things I’m going to be doing in the next year:

  • For personal, professional, and marksmanship reasons, I will be putting a lot of emphasis on fitness. Expect to see some posts concerning exercise and its benefits, as well as some better ways I’ve found to do things.
  • I need to spend some time with statistical analysis of shot groupings. On Target was recommended to me, but it does not run on my computer, so I’m going to have to figure another way.
  • I will have to invest in a shot timer.

So that’s the start, welcome to 2015


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