Musket Upgrade

So I bumped my timeline a little bit. I wanted to install a free floating quad rail on the musket some time next year, but some of the ongoing sales made me bump that timeline up a bit. The Daniel Defense Omega rail met all of my requirements, as it lets me install a free floating quad rail without having to disassemble the upper (I don’t have the tools to do that, and I’m not sure I trust my local shop to do a good job reassembling).

I jumped on to Rainier Arms last night to see what sales they have going, and happened to notice that the Omega rail is on sale for $247 instead of the usual $319. This morning I decided to commit and logged in. The price, I thought, was reduced to $209 and was simply too good to pass up. After whipping out my credit card and completing the order, I realized that my reading comprehension failed and I ordered the Omega-X rail. While still a great rail, and lighter than the Omega, the Omega-X requires disassembly and install of a new barrel nut. I noticed the error in the email confirmation. Sadly, Rainier Arms doesn’t reopen until Monday. I sent them an email requesting to cancel (or update) the order to the correct rail, but we shall see what I actually end up receiving. It’s not a big deal either way. If I end up with the Omega-X, then so be it. It comes out cheaper than the regular Omega, and will end up looking “cleaner” without the delta ring assembly or handguard cap.

On the optics front, I continue flopping back and forth. I was settled on a TA11H-G for the musket. My gut tells me that I will be happy with the ACOG. But another part of me keeps looking at the Elcan SpecterOS 4x and comparing stats. There isn’t a whole lot of information on the fixed 4X Elcan compared to it’s more expensive 1x/4x brother (the SpecterDR). By all accounts the glass clarity is incredible, the reticle is cleaner and lacks the blooming problems of the fiber optic ACOG. The Elcan optic itself would appear to be tougher, and offers better field of view for the trade of of only slightly less eye relief (which is still an inch more than the TA31). My only real drawback on the Elcan is the relative lack of QD mounts. With an ACOG, I have the option of ADM, Bobro, or Larue. The Elcan mount is an integrated ARMS mount. Internet rumors abound on the lack of quality in ARMS…but that may just be the internet being the internet.

On the other hand, I do still really enjoy shooting the iron sights. The 2.5-10×32 is currently homeless, and would likely work quite well on the musket if I wanted to go that route with it.

On the shooting front, I have definitely decided that one of my goals for next year is to earn a rifleman patch from an Appleseed shoot. That requires a score of 210. My goal will be 220.  Though I expect that when I go back this next time, I’ll be using an optic (either a RDS or magnified, we shall see). Additionally, I want to actually compete in the EIC match next year on base (assuming they host one again).


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