Nothing Like a Fun Day at the Range

I finally got to hit the range today for an informal shooting session. I went along with a friend of mine and committed myself to just having fun and worrying less about keepings notes or documenting shots.

I’ll skip past the pistol portion of the day; except to say that while I’ve never thought Glocks fit my hand very well, I shot his Glock 17 very well on the very first magazine.

The TR24 on Ascalon is a winner. While it certainly feels less “tacticool” than using a mil-has FFP scope, the results were hard to argue with. When my goal was less about raw precision and more about “hitting the black,” the nice triangle aim point was quite user friendly. The sight picture is uncluttered, the reticle is well illuminated (fiber optic), and the generous eye relief made getting a sight picture a snap.

Similarly, once I broke out the musket, the new Short Action Precision sling was awesome. While it takes some time to get slung up, it’s WAY faster than the turner 1907 sling I was using. The bonus is that I don’t have to adjust anything about the way the sling is mounted in order to get the right amount of tension as I move from position to position. All it takes is pulling one tab to cinch it on the arm, and a second to get the right amount of length for stable shooting.

My iron sight shooting was okay, but not great. It’s certainly not printing five shots in a one inch box, but certainly within a two inch box from a kneeling. Oddly, I found that kneeling worked very well for me today. I typically gravitate towards squatting or sitting, but I spent a lot of time today working the kneeling. The wind blows me around a bit, but if I took my time and waited for the lull, my shots landed right where I wanted them.

There was one quirk, though. As I went from kneeling to prone, my groups dropped nearly two inches at 25 meters. As far as I could tell, I was using the same sight picture. The only difference I can come up with is varying sling tension or my eye was closer to the rear sight than usual. I don’t think it’s the sling, as it would have to be a lot of tension to pull the groups that much lower. I did notice that the tip of my nose was not in it’s usual reference point, where it just touches the end of the charging handle. Instead, the side of the charging handle was touching the side of my nostril. Perhaps just that fraction of an inch close caused my groups to drop (it was still a good grouping, just lower).

I suppose that comes back to the importance of consistency. Accurate shooting is all about consistency.



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