Quick Thought

Things have been…hectic. A lot of very personal issues going on in my life, and my priorities have been shifted accordingly.

That said, while practicing the other day and trying to think of some good exercises to perform for a follow-up post to the last one about fitness, I took the lightweight 16″ KISS gun out of the safe to play with. As a reminder, this is a BCM standard 16″ pencil profile barrel with plastic MOE handguards and an EOtech XPS-2. While practicing positions, I was immediately struck by how effortlessly the light profile barrel handles. It just quickly points wherever I need it to. The lighter package does create for a very handy feeling gun.

In addition, I’ve become so accustomed to iron sights or magnified optics that I had forgotten how simple and intuitive a red dot sight can be. I actually had to keep reminding myself to focus on the target and not the dot or front sight, as doing either caused the dot to blur in my vision. Just naturally looking at the target and allowing the 1 MOA dot to point where I needed it was all that was needed. Part of me really wants to test this out at an Appleseed event (that same part also wants to try again with one of the magnified optics).

This session caused me to stop and consider what my “ideal” rifle would look like. My initial thoughts are to keep the current A5 equipped lower with good a good two-stage trigger. I have also grown quite attached to the smoothness of the rifle length gas system. If I were to build a brand new upper right now, I think I would go with a lightweight 18″ rifle gas and a BCM KMR rail. Optic would be situation dependent, of course, but I have a strong suspicion that I would like one of the lightweight ACOG options (TA33 or TA44).


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