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New Sling!

My lovely wife ordered me an early birthday present. It arrived on Monday, and I’ve been playing with it ever since. It’s a Short Action Precision (SAP) Positional Sling. My initial impression is that it seems like a perfect balance between the TAB gear sling I started with and the Turner AWS 1907 I’ve transitioned to. The sling mounts up like the TAB, and is made of similar nylon material. But rather than the traditional plastic buckle to slide around for tightness, it has two pull tabs. One cinches around the arm, the other adjusts tension between the arm and the rifle. From practicing in my home, I find that this makes it much easier to practice various positions without having to adjust any hooks or triglides. There are no long loose straps hanging around, or excess material anywhere.

Here’s a video about it (note, this is not me in the video).

Overall, I’m pretty damn happy with it. I still have the FTW carbine sling on my list as well, so I may get to play with that one later in the year and offer some comparison. In the mean time, I’ll see how this one does at the range.


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