Product Review: JP AR-15 .223 Cleaning Rod Bore Guide

I’ve never done a review here before, but I’ve not really seen any reviews of this product around the web. So I figured why not do a quick write up in case anyone is looking for one?

I’ve never really used bore guides. I only ever had one for my M1A back when I first got it because it had to be cleaned from the muzzle end. I stopped using it once I started using an OTIS pull through kit instead. But I was never really satisfied with that method over the good’ol push rod style. I finally got a hold of a Tipton carbon cleaning rod to use with the AR collection, but still didn’t have a way to make sure that the rod went in to the bore nice and straight. Enter the bore guide.

I purchased the JP bore guide from Midway several months ago, and it’s been a very useful piece of cleaning kit. From just looking at it, you can pick up that the guide is nicely machined and finished. There are several machined spots for o-rings to help adjust tighter or looser fits in the receiver. There is a drain hole on the side for any solvents or other chemicals.

When ready to clean, simply remove the BCG from the rifle and insert the bore guide. It sits securely in the upper, with the extension at the end running straight into the chamber and bore. There is a nice scalloped channel in the back guiding the rod all the way through.

From this point, simply go about your standard cleaning regime. No worries about misaligned rods rubbing on the feed ramps, bore, or chamber

I’m not much of one for assigning a “score” to things. So I will leave at this: I recommend this product. I can’t see any reason not to use a bore guide to maintain the best accuracy and condition of your weapon, and the JP guide does exactly what it’s advertised to do.



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