Fiber Optic Pistol Sights

Modern Service Weapons has been running a few pieces about the misconceptions over fiber optic pistol sights (check them here and here). These articles are of interest to me since I’ve been toying with the idea of sending the Beretta 92A1 off to Wilson Combat to have them perform work on it. One of those items would be installing a FO front sight. I had always heard that FO was too fragile, or would eventually just fall out of the housing.

Hilton Yam says those things are possible, but are more likely the result of poorly designed sight housings, improper installation of the FO tube, or cleaning chemicals that are too harsh. Bottom line, a properly installed FO sight that isn’t abused by toxic chemicals will last for a long long time.

Of course, if a FO isn’t something that you’re interested in then this doesn’t apply to you. The Tritium night sights in my FNS are going strong, but the tubes in my 1911 have faded. Perhaps this would be an opportune moment to play with new 1911 sights first (since I don’t shoot it nearly as much as the Beretta).


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