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Range Report 19 October

I was happy to get to the range today and expend the ammunition that I did not get to do last week. However, my enthusiasm was tempered by my performance.

I started off in slung prone using Ascalon and the TR24G. I had previously adjusted the ADM scout mount forward one more notch to give me just a bit more eye relief. This meant that the very front edge of the base was extending past the front of the receiver and touching the rearmost portion of the rail. Now, I had assumed this would not have an affect on anything since the actual clamping force of the mount is still squarely in the main upper receiver. But I was wrong. I found that it required quite a bit of adjustment to set in for 25 yards, and I was having inconsistent grouping. I noticed the exact same issue when I did this with the Vortex PST 2.5-10×32 a couple weeks ago. Miffed, I moved the mount back one more notch to its original position and just chose to “deal” with the eye relief (which, honestly, was fine if if I made an effort to keep my cheek weld just a bit further back than I’ve been grooming myself to do (nose to charging handle). This fixed the issue and the groups tightened right back up and hit where I wanted them to.

Once I established a zero, I set about practicing from various positions. I made a concerted effort to continue using the reworked mental program. I found that the single post and triangle of the TR24 presents a very nice aim point, and a generally uncluttered sight picture. I was, however, having trouble seeing the target. I assumed the slight blurriness was due to the relative close range and 4x magnification. In hindsight, I did not check to the diopter adjustment (there is no parallax adjustment), and that might have been the issue.

In all, the optic performed admirably. I need more practice in choosing proper sight picture for each shot. My weakness today was purely in building a stable position. Perhaps its because I haven’t practiced as much, or that i’m still getting over a beast of a cold. But I just couldn’t seem to get a good NPOA and hold it. I’m going to have to just continue practicing.

I’ve also been thinking about the DMTR. I had been thinking that i would buy a DD Omega rail and free float it. But, I think I’m going to stick with the plastic MOE handguards for now. I really like the feel of the MOE handguards, and I have grown less and less fond of quad rails over the years (hence why I like slick rails that I can attach individual components to). I think I would rather focus on saving for an optic for the rifle (probably a Trijicon TA-11HG ACOG), and just leave it at that for now.

On a positive note, I did bring along the Beretta for some quick pistol refresher shooting. This impromptu practice was notable for two things. First, I had forgotten how much I enjoy the Beretta. Either because it fits my hand well or because I have just spent so much time practicing/competing with it before, It just felt right. It is a beautiful shooting and feeling pistol. The VZ slant grips I installed gave copious traction. The DA/SA trigger showed no disadvantage to my groups. Secondly, I shot it quite well considering how long it has been since I’ve shot pistol. The sun behind me caused quite a bit of glare reflecting off the front sight, but I still managed nice tight clusters around POA. I practiced both hands, kneeling, and single hand from right and left. I

had been entertaining the thought of getting a new DA/SA pistol when I left California. The FNX-45 certainly has my attention. But there is a lot to be said for the weighty feel of a full metal pistol. I was looking at the CZ-75 SP01 Tactical.But after today, I really do enjoy the Beretta 92 platform. I may just end up getting a second one. Perhaps a M9A1.

On another note, my wife bought me an early birthday present, which I should be receiving tomorrow. It’s a Short Action Precision Positional Sling. I’ve been researching slings for a while, ever since I decided that the TAB gear sling wasn’t doing what I needed it to do and the Turner 1907 was just too old of a design. The SAP sling offers just about every feature I want. Further information to follow after I play with it.



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