Relevant to Talking About Mastery in Shooting

I happened to see this video posted on the Firearms User Network. I don’t know “Deadeye Steve,” nor his qualifications. And while his talking here is geared towards handgun shooting, I think it is equally applicable to rifle shooting.

As I said before, cheating yourself into accepting lower accuracy and calling it “combat accurate” is not the path to success. The ability to apply fundamentals consistently enough to produce high levels of accuracy will directly translate to doing the same under pressure. Your accuracy may be degraded, but your starting point will be significantly better than someone who has not practiced those fundamentals.

This applies across all spectrums of marksmanship. The adrenaline rush of taking aim at a deer or elk, defending your home and family, competing, or shooting in open conflict are all examples of where this principle applies. The better you master your weapon by mastering the fundamentals, the better your performance will be across the board.

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