TR24G Initial Findings – What’s Old is New Again

Since I have some free time today (work doesn’t start until this evening), I spent quite a bit of time practicing positional shooting with Ascalon and the TR24G. Initial findings are favorable. Everything is nice and balanced, the optic comes up to the eye nice and easily when shouldered. The bright glowing triangle is VERY quick to pick up compared to the more traditional crosshair reticle of the PST. In fact, when practicing outdoors in full sun, the triangle is almost retina searingly bright, and I had to turn the sun shade down quite a bit.

Once slung up with the Turner AWS, I find that the usual 1″ or so gap between my nose and the charging handle is almost completely removed, putting my head almost nose to charging handle. This is not intentional, but is the expected end result of having the gun pulled so tight into the shoulder pocket. Now, I did notice some shadowing issues with eye relief, but not nearly as bad as before, and it only appears to happen on the lower end of the magnification scale. On 4X, I can tell that the my eye would prefer to be about another half inch or so away, but I’m not fighting the sight picture in any way.

Things are looking good for this change. The question will be choosing a proper zero distance. My first instinct is to zero the very tip of the triangle at 100 meters and then experiment with how that affects holdover at closer ranges. Rather than a center hold or six o’clock hold, I may find myself using a twelve o’clock hold at closer ranges. In any case, I believe the TR24G will make a rather triumphant return to the gun as a great general purpose optic.


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