Possible Equipment Update

After my last range experience, I’ve been strongly considering swapping back to the original optic on Ascalon. The current Vortex PST 2.5-10×32 was purchased mainly out of my experiences in Montana, laying prone behind the rifle and plinking steel at 400-600 yards (not that I actually took Ascalon to 600, I used Gungnir for that). The original TR24G was a great optic for 0-200, but the bold reticle post and lack of any kind of reference marks for holdovers made it a challenge to shoot much beyond that range.

However, that’s not the type of shooting I’m doing anymore. I am quickly finding that there is such a thing as TOO MUCH magnification. The reticle on the PST works best between 5 and 10x. But I’m finding that going up that much, especially at 25 meters, causes me to see too much vibration in the optic. I compare this to shooting at 25 meters with the DMTR during the Appleseed shoot, using iron sights. Sure, there was “wobble,” but it wasn’t distracting.

In a lot of ways, using post and triangle reticle of the TR24G is actually very similar to the front sight post of iron sights. Except that the TR24 has the advantage of having a sharp “point” to use for fine aiming. The optic maxing out at 4X is about perfect for now. At the ranges I’ve been shooting, I was leaving the PST on about the same setting (4x to 6x). Going lower made the reticle too fine, going higher made too much wobble.The triangle/post at 4x may just be ideal for the 25m to 200m I’ve been doing, so long as I understand the trajectories and holdovers. The “bloom” of the fiber optic can be mitigated by using the adjustable sun shade. I can turn the reticle black, with a very fine point if I need to.

Now, I do not like using this optic behind a FSP, as the movement difference between the optic and that FSP is disorienting to me. But Ascalon has folding sights, making the problem moot. The TR24 has an added benefit of being much more forgiving of head position.

For these reasons, I have swapped scopes for now. I will test out results at my next range trip to see how using the TR24 instead of the PST affects performance. I will shoot the same dot drill, and also use one of Rifleslinger’s scoring targets at range.



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