ITS on Giving Back

In light of a rather lengthy post about improving our national gun culture, I thought this post by ITS tactical was rather timely.

I’ve spent the last week taking advantage of what time I have left with access to the online research libraries available to me through my master’s program. Most of my reading has been on the origins of the second amendment and the history of the American militia. This will all end up in a future post, but one of my underlying points will be that part of being a good gun owner, and citizen, is participating in the community. ITS has a great starter list of suggestions, and I recommend checking out their post.

Some examples of these opportunities include:

  • Share your skill-sets and what you know with those around you. The Boy Scouts of America is a great place to start and one I’m proud to donate my time to.

  • If you have children in organized sports or activities, volunteer to help lead, coach or serve.

  • Help seniors in your community; consider a service project to help them around the house.

  • Send morale and care packages to deployed soldiers.

  • For those who enjoy making gifts Operation Gratitude collects handmade items, knitted or crocheted scarves and hats year round.

  • Make an online donation to a worthy organization. Here’s a few of my favorites: America’s Mighty Warriors, Warrior Dog Foundation and All In All The Time Foundation

  • Look into becoming a mentor at Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

  • Spend quality time with your family.

  • Pick up trash at your local park.

  • Donate your time to a local food bank or shelter, the holidays are a great time when help is needed even more.

  • Volunteer at a church, there’s often many different things they could use help with on a constant basis.

  • Become a Disaster Responder or Blood Drive Volunteer at American Red Cross.

  • Mentor a fellow business owner.

  • Donate clothing to a shelter.

  • Volunteer at a local walkathon or race.

  • Humans aren’t the only living things who need help. All too often pets are in need of stable, loving care either through adoption or helping out at an animal shelter.


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