The New Rifleman on Bindon Aiming Concept

The New Rifleman has a nice experiment with Trijicon’s much marketed Bindon Aiming Concept posted over at his blog. I do not have any ACOGs or similar scopes to experiment with, so I can neither confirm not offer any twists to his results. Most of my optics are variables, including a 1-4x that I have enjoyed quite a bit in the past, red dots, or irons.

But, what I think is interesting is his conclusion: the concept works, but requires practice. I think that is true of any endeavor, marksmanship or otherwise. All skills require practice, and expecting to be suddenly good at something without the requisite skills training and practice is simply folly.

On another note, I’ve been reading Paul Barrett’s Glock: The Rise of America’s Gun. It’s been an interesting read so far, if for nothing else than the look into the politics and rivalries of firearms manufacturers. I’ve never been particularly fond of Glocks, but I’ve also never really had any issues with them, either.



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