Bench Rests and Hunting Rifles

Reblogging this from the Firearms User Network. Replace hunting rifle with really any kind of practical rifle, and the principle holds true. I know I fell into this trap, where just about every range session was spent sitting at a concrete bench “zeroing” at whatever range. It wasn’t until I started doing some action shooting that shooting from positions ever really entered my world.

I really appreciate the stability of slung prone after learning to do it properly this past weekend. But even I have to admit that such a position is a rarity in the practical shooting world, and one is more likely to have to use sitting, kneeling, squatting, offhand, or maybe get to rest the rifle against a tree.

Bench Rests and Hunting Rifles.

1 thought on “Bench Rests and Hunting Rifles”

  1. Think along the lines of your first shot on the Appleseed AQT stage two or three, where you transition from standing to position against the clock.
    The first shot only. And its deviation amount from where you intended it to go.

    This is a far more useful test of the shooter/rifle/sights/ammo system than pure group size.
    Your rifle may shoot size X group, but YOU can get position W and hit target size X at distance Y in Z seconds flat. That is the measurement you want to use, since it more completely represents your real-world effective skill.


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