Shooting Analysis

Shooting Analysis of Today’s Squatting Position

After I wrote up the range report for the squat practice, I compared the pictures from the range trip to what Pete Lessler wrote about the position in his book (you will see it on my references page). I noticed something that I had not seen before. I was focused on keeping my right elbow in front of my right knee, but did not realize that I should also keep the left elbow inside, rather than in front of, my left knee. Here are two pictures for what I’m referring to.



This elbow should be placed inside of the knee. This would also, presumably, allow me to widen my feet more (which was something else I wanted to work on, but did not really see how given the positions I was using for my elbows).

I think the next range trip will work on this aspect, as well as the kneeling position. Though, honestly, I’ve been neglecting offhand and really need to practice that if I’m going to stay true to my goals.


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