A Good Find

The New Rifleman put up a post with slides from a powerpoint presentation linking Trijicon (of ACOG fame) with Kopin electronics.

What is interesting about the information contained, is that it relates directly to something I wrote long ago when the Tracking Point rifle first started making news. At the time, shooting enthusiasts scoffed at the $25k rifle that did the same thing as a $1500 rifle (with optic), quality instruction, and a few thousand rounds of practice ammo could do for much cheaper.

I was not so quick to turn my nose up. I realized that TP tech was first generation, and that subsequent generations would get smaller and more useful. The information and pictures contained in the link are much closer to what I had in mind. In twenty years, I see this kind of computerized optic being standard issue. The real question will be whether or not the military uses the improved technology as an excuse to further skimp on marksmanship training, much like the way that improved safety technology in cars has made people lazier drivers.


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