Accuracy Testing A Rack Grade M4 ,What Can You Expect

Shawn at loose rounds does another good article about accuracy from standard barrels. These are the kinds of articles I wish more people had access to instead of reading message board “facts.”


When I browse the gun boards on the internet, I still see the claims by bench rest experts about how a carbine has to have the barrel free floated, preferably with a 400 dollar match stainless steel barrel. Or even more laughable. with a  cold hammer forged barrel.  Otherwise you are gonna be stuck with a 4 MOA or worse, gun.  Last year I took a rack M4 out to 1,000 yards on a man sized target to show it could be done, but that was not the same as setting down from a rest and squeezing all the accuracy out of it I could get for pure precision.

So today I took a 6920 Colt ( M4) and slapped on my trusty Leupold 18x target scope, and grabbed some ammo to do some accuracy testing.   The only thing different about this gun, is it has the SSA trigger to…

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