A Few Quick Things

A while back, Rifleslinger put up a target on his blog that I have since adopted for my own use. I won’t rehash all of his justifications, so just go check it out.

The bottom line is that the target he put together nicely fits my needs. I’ve previously mentioned that my shooting goals include ranges out to 300 meters, but am generally limited to a 50m and 100m range for regular practice. The numbers I’m shooting for basically work out to a 4 MOA (irons) and 2 MOA (rifle scope) standard. His target conveniently provides nice 4 MOA, 2 MOA, 1 MOA, and .5 MOA scoring rings (for 100m). By putting these targets up at the ranges I typically practice, I can effectively give myself a ‘grade’ on each shooting session.

Speaking of shooting sessions…I didn’t get the chance to go over the long weekend. School obligations, along with spousal activities, took priority. But, I’m in the last few days of my last master’s classes, so that means my weekends will be a lot more open going forward.

Lastly, I’ve been eyeballing new slings. The TAB sling I have been working with works just fine for most situations. But I have found that it is also very clothing dependent. If wearing a lightweight workout shirt, for instance, it is almost impossible to keep the loop high on my arm. Wearing a fleece or heavier jacket mitigates the problem, but I don’t think I want to be wearing heavier warm clothing as the summer rolls in. I’ve been looking at Rifles Only’s new FTW Bungee sling, which provides what looks like a nice mixture of the tactical slings I’ve become accustomed to as well as a precision-oriented loop sling with good adjustment.

The other sling I’ve been looking at is one of Rifleslinger’s. They seem to be more oriented towards providing a nice balance between quickness and practicality. They don’t appear to cinch down as tight on the arm, so I don’t know how well they would stay up, but that might not be completely necessary. However, it looks as if his production has halted for the time being.

Oh, I also signed up for the Appleseed shoot the first weekend in August. It will be down in Santa Barbara (about an hour drive, no biggie). I think this will be a great opportunity to get some good instruction on fundamentals and break some bad habits I may have formed to this point.


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