Demeter Range Report

Ok, so I took the new upper out for a spin today. Some coworkers of mine also happened to be there, and wanted to be social, so I didn’t get in all the practice I would have liked. But, regardless, I did get a fair bit in and got a feel for Demeter. She shoots beautifully. The extra weight down at the front of the rifle combined with the longer gas system really helps temper the already mild recoil of the 5.56

I shot what I could get my hands on in short notice, with was Federal XM193. not great by any means, but enough to get a feel. I installed the TAB sling from Gungnir, and found it works exceptionally well for my purposes. It’s faster to adjust than the turner, and doesn’t get bound up on my clothes as much. The only modifications I may make to this upper are a new muzzle device (perhaps a Griffin Flashcomp or a Battlecomp), and a Centurion C4 rail (way down the line).

The interesting thing about the range trip was that the two coworkers of mine were not very familiar with rifle shooting. It actually presented a good opportunity for me to introduce them to the basics that I’ve been working on since January. As they say, you don’t really know it until you can teach it. And teach it I did. Their groups went from being all over the place to being in a semi-recognizable cluster. They much preferred the RDS of Heimdall or the scope of Ascalon, as they were much more intuitive to use.

As for myself, I managed some decent groups from the sitting and squatting. My kneeling and offhand still need work. The range had 30 MPH winds, with gusts up to 40 mph, and that made holding any kind of steady position much more difficult. It did, however, teach me to wait for the lulls in the wind to squeeze the trigger.

Anyway, here is a picture of Demeter all put together. She weights 8 lbs in this configuration.



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