Package Delivered!

So the big brown truck came by today and dropped off my new BCM 20″ upper and Rainier Raptor charging handle. I’ll write more about it after hitting the range tomorrow (finally!). After giving the assembly a quick cleaning and lubing, I slapped it on Ascalon’s lower, where it will probably spend most of its time. I experimented with various optics (TR-24, Vortex PST 2.5-10, and the carry handle iron sights). I have a few quick notes:

1. From just the little bit I’ve handled it now, I am pretty sure that the raptor charging handle will be my go-to from now on. I have really liked my BCM mod 4 handles, but the raptor VERY nice. it is cleanly machined, functions well, and looks slick.

2. When looking through a 1-4x scope (the TR-24) set to 1x, I really dislike seeing the FSP. The vertical line of the reticle moving independently of the FSP due to parallax is almost disorienting. Once I start adding any magnification, the effect goes away since the FSP just kinda fades into a faint shadow. Not an issue on the 2.5-10×32 since it’s lowest is 2.5x. This is important for me to note, since I have been kicking an idea around in the back of my head for a 12.5″ general purpose SBR down the road using the TR-24. I originally thought I would go with an upper with FSP, but my experiences now between this upper and Heimdall tell me that it would probably be a bad idea.

3. Granted, I’m not a SWAT guy. But doing some “clearing” around my house, I found little difficulty with a 20″ upper versus my 16″ uppers. I suppose the difference with a 12.5″ or 10.5″ barrel would be more dramatic, though. This is reassuring, since most of the AR-15 enthusiast world would have you believe that a full size “musket” upper is a dinosaur and good for little besides something that’s “cool to own.”

I’m looking forward to tomorrow!


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