A Good Read

ITS Tactical put up a good post that relates closely to what I’ve been trying to accomplish. Go check it out.

What we see is the over-emphasis on close range that distorts core marksmanship skills. The unintended consequences go unrecognized due to the proximity, meaning that you’re so close, you don’t see the errors. Then when the need arises for an intermediate range shot, the shooter tries to take their close range skills and apply them at distance and struggle to meet the standards.

That excerpt is pretty much the realization I had last summer, the same one that set me down this path of trying to build those fundamentals that I’ve been lacking. I’m happy to say I’ve made a lot of progress on the way, but there is still a good way to go.

1 thought on “A Good Read”

  1. Good article, thanks for posting the link, he hits the nail on the head. A lot of carbine-toters have not yet been exposed to classical marksmanship training, and may not yet realize their potential.


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