Army SDM School Writeup

No, I haven’t gotten to attend the Army SDM school (as cool as that would be). But the New Rifleman has a post up about it today along with a .pdf article. Check it out.

As I went through it, I was paying attention to the equipment used. 20″ match barrels, fixed A2 stocks, and a mix of TA01 or TA31 ACOGs. The author gushed a bit at the reliability of the 20″ gas system, though I suppose that is more lack of experience with quality mid or carbine length systems. Still, it did make me want to hurry up and finish my 20″ project, which is still hanging in the background due to lack of funding (hurry up tax refund!). Even then, I’m planning on a standard 20″ button rifled chrome lined barrel, not a heavy stainless match barrel. The whole point of me starting this journey was to develop a strong skill base using standard equipment. I’m sure, down the line after I’ve built up the required skills and burnt out a barrel, I’ll go ahead and install a rifle gas stainless barrel (still deciding if I want 20″ or 18″). But, for now, I’m not worried about 5″ groups at 600 yards.


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