Competition Bust.

Well, so much for that.

I spent the end of last week in the Washington DC area visiting family and checking out some museums. Before I left, I was scheduled to compete this morning at 10:00 AM on the base’s CATM range. I arrived home last night and checked with a friend who competed on yesterday to make sure I had the right location. The match was scheduled in two “waves,” with one at 8:00 and the second at 10:00. I arrived at 9:15 expecting to get set up and watch for a bit.

The gate was locked, and nobody was present on the facility (at least nobody I could see after I grabbed my spotting scope and observed for a while). I waited around for an hour, and nobody else came.

The base was running an exercise today, but I don’t think that would have cancelled such an event. I have not gotten to check my official government email to look for any updates. But, near as I can tell, the competition for today was either moved or cancelled and I was not notified. I am sorely disappointed.

All it not lost, however. The work I have put into fundamentals in the last few months will pay dividends towards my long term goals. There is always next year (or another one later this year, if they do it).

I am still scheduled to compete in the pistol competition tomorrow, but I’m not even sure I want to at this point. I have not been working on pistol shooting, and I know my fundamentals aren’t polished enough for a competition environment. But I guess it would be an opportunity to find out what happened today.

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