Range Reports

Range Report, 16 March 2014

Got to spend a lovely Sunday afternoon at the range today. Sun was shining, temps were in the mid-high 70’s (can’t complain about the weather in California, that’s for sure). However, things didn’t go great.

I took along Heimdall and Ascalon. Heimdall to continue iron sight practice, and Ascalon to reestablish zero after remounting the scope using Vibra-Tite VC3. Most of the day was spent between dry fire and five shot strings from various positions. All at 50 meters. No sling today, since I am not permitted one during the match in a couple of weeks. The target is was the standard “bullseye” type I’ve been using with a 1 mil wide center dot (at 50 meters).

Frankly, things were rough. I did not touch the iron sights this time so that I could confirm my observations last time. They are definitely shooting high. My shots were also drifting left. And, for whatever reason, I just can’t hold a tight group from any position. After all my strings, I put up a new target and fired 20 shots (5 each from prone, kneeling, sitting, and offhand). Here was the final result:

Not happy about it, honestly. I called several of the wider shots, knowing my sight picture was bad at the time of trigger break, but many of the others I just cannot explain.

After getting a rough zero with Ascalon, I loaded 10 rounds of SSA 77gr SMK and shot at 10 1″ dots. Shots were consistently high and right by about an inch, so I attempted to adjust. However, I brain farted and forgot that the new scope is not 1/4 MOA, but rather 1/10 mil. My adjustments ended up making the shots go center, but nearly 2″ high. At this point I was frustrated and just packed up.

Better luck next time.



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