A Pretty Picture

No real updates of late. I have continued regular indoor practice, but probably will not get to the range until Thursday. I have been having some issues with my right knee and loose ligaments. The doc doesn’t think there is any problems mobility-wise, but was curious as to if I had been doing anything different lately. The only thing that came to mind was copious amounts of practice in low kneeling, which causes an abnormal twist of my foot and puts a lot of stretch on my knee. I will have to keep an eye on it.

I came across this picture from the excellent Oleg Volk today. It struck me because it is almost exactly how I envisioned setting up my .308 Ar whenever that project finally comes to fruition. I wanted to make it 18″ with BABC (or maybe Seekin’s ATC), Apex handguards, and use DPMS pattern (since I already have the finished lower). The only real difference is that I will use a MOE rifle stock instead of the UBR pictured, and I haven’t settled on an optic yet. I really like the idea of the TA-11 pictured, but I’m also building it to have some more precision. I may end up with something in the 3-15×44 range.

Here’s a link to page.


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