Match Rules Update

The competition hosts sent me the rules today, and they will drive some changes to my training. I am still correct in that I will be using an issued M9 and M16A2 for the event. All shots will be taken at 25m.

This is shorter than I’ve been training for rifle, but longer than I’ve typically practiced for pistol. Not a huge change there, but something that should be noted and accounted for.

Also, I will NOT be permitted the use of sling or glove during the event. I had been training with a simple Mechanix work glove to cut down on the pinching at the support hand. With no sling allowed, there isn’t really a point to the glove, either. But the no sling rule is a significant change to how I’ve been practicing. I suppose it helps keeps thing even among the 600 or so competitors coming to this event, but it will add to the challenge.

Though, at 25m, the lack of a sling isn’t as big of a deal compared to a 200m or longer shot.


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