More AMU Tips

In light of the pistol drills I found yesterday, I did some more digging around for other competition tips. Turns out the CMP has a whole section of their website dedicated to advice from members of the AMU team.

Check them out here.

While a lot of these are things are applicable more towards the bullseye-oriented competition style of NRA high power or CMP, the fundamentals still apply and can easily be used towards my long-term practical marksmanship goals. I’m going to have to spend more time combing through this page.

Also, on a more entertaining note, Shawn from Loose Rounds posted a pretty funny picture on his Facebook page. If you’ve ever seen the circular chart that attempts to diagnose marksmanship problems based on where your shots fall on the chart. Most everyone I’ve ever seen reference that chart has said it’s a bunch of BS, which is why I thought this was funny.


1 thought on “More AMU Tips”

  1. Funny!

    I’ve seen at least one version of such a chart related to handgun shooting, and it wasn’t BS. Very helpful tool, considering that probably the biggest problem most new handgun shooters have is proper trigger control. Self-diagnosis is critical to advancement if you don’t have a coach with you on every range trip.

    The version above has its merits, especially if you are fanatical about sticking to the K.I.S.S. method.

    Good shooting,


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