Alternate Rifle

I mentioned doing a quick write up on my alternate rifle. I am using it to practice for the EIC match on March 25th. I had originally intended to get a pretty picture up to accompany this post, but my work and school schedule just haven’t been conducive to getting home before sunset when the picture would actually turn out.

In any case, this rifle’s nickname is Heimdall. My wife gave it the name, as it is also considered her rifle. Heimdall is my second AR project, and all the lessons I learned from building Ascalon were applied to it (later driving me to go back and make changes to Ascalon, the two are now pretty close in configuration). The original concept of the gun was to build a lightweight, no-nonsense, carbine to serve as a kind of go-to self defense gun.


– Factory 16″ BCM standard lightweight upper with pencil barrel and fixed F-marked FSP
– BCM bolt carrier group
– AAC blackout flash hider
– Magpul MOE handguards
– BCM gunfighter charging handle
– Now equipped with BCM carry handle sight, but typically has a folding Troy BUIS and EOtech XPS2 on an ADM riser


– BCM blem receiver
– Geissele SSA trigger
– BAD-ASS ST ambi safety lever with crank and stubby levers
– BCM gunfighter pistol grip
– VLTOR A5 buffer tube, buffer, and standard rifle spring
– Noveske QD endplate
– Magpul MOE carbine stock with enhanced pad


– VTAC mini-l4 flashlight in a IWC mount

While not a perfect substitute for an A2/A4 upper, the non-free floated barrel gives me a chance to see the effect of sling pressure on the front sight post. At the relatively short distances I’m shooting, I don’t expect to see much of a difference when slung up tightly. But, since I haven’t yet gotten out to the range with Heimdall, I have no way to confirm that.

During practice sessions at home, I have really come to appreciate the simple ergonomics and light weight of the gun. Weighing in at just over seven pounds with the Turner sling and no magazine, this is the lightest rifle I own. The gun points naturally and settles nicely into various positions. Compared to the mounted QD sling swivel on Ascalon, the FSP sling swivel and MOE handguard combination is extremely comfortable. The sling just naturally wraps nicely back over my hand without pinching or rubbing in any way.

While I’ve never been a big proponent of iron sights, mostly out of laziness, I must admit that there is a simple elegance to them that I am beginning to find very appealing. I am halfway tempted to just leave the iron sights on this gun permanently and find another place to put the EOtech. Of course, that would mean having to teach my wife to actually use iron sights, which she has so far resisted (she is a big fan of the RDS).

Until I scratch together the funds for a dedicated iron sighted upper, which may not be for quite a while, this is what I’ve got. I certainly don’t feel out-classed with it. It’s just a very nice shooting piece of kit.


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