Shooting Analysis

Practice Notes from Tonight

Going through the positions again tonight, I am finding that some are getting much more comfortable. Kneeling continues to be a bit of a strain on my right knee, but nothing that I can’t handle for relatively short periods. Squatting continues to be a favorite.

I find that crossed ankle position is becoming a really good go-to position for sitting. It gives me much better angle to shoot at a bit of an incline. Crossed leg seems to put my natural point of aim just too low. However, checking out Rifleslinger’s writing on the position shows me that there are probably some things I can do better. I will revisit soon.

Using Shawn’s advice to keep a consistent hand position up front by the sling swivel, I’m using the placement of the supporting elbow to adjust for elevation. It seems much more stable than adjusting hand position.

Tonight I also used the alternate AR with polymer handguards and fixed sight tower. The new BCM carry handle sight should be delivered tomorrow. This will be my temporary practice AR for a while, expect a write up on it soon. With the fixed FSP and Troy flip up rear sight, this rifle is about a pound and a half lighter than Ascalon. It’s really not much of a difference in numbers, but it feels significantly handier.


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