Competition Notice

Today, Vandenberg AFB announced that they will be holding an EIC match at the end of March. I happily threw my hat into the arena, but whether or not I’m accepted remains to be seen. Hopefully the guys at the CATM range get back to me tomorrow. It will be going on from 24 March through 27 March, but I have scheduling constraints with those days. If I can sign up to compete on certain days, then I will happily put my name on the line.

This will be my first match of this type, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes.  All of my training for the next month will be focused on preparing for this event. A quick glance at the CMP/EIC rules tells me that everything I’ve already been doing will help prepare me. Positional shooting using a rifle sling. The only thing missing from my training at the moment is a decent set of iron sights to practice with. I will put in an order with BCM for carry handle sights tonight or tomorrow. They will be temporarily replacing the EOtech XPS2 on my wife’s BCM LW 16″ middy with plastic MOE handguards. It’s not exactly a 20″ Government upper like I wanted for practice, but it’s the closest I will be able to get in such short notice.

I asked if it will also be shot using standard M855 ammunition. If that is the case, then I will dip into my stash and use that for practice.

I also plan to sign up for the pistol competition. But pistol marksmanship isn’t the focus of my training here, so I won’t spend much time talking about it.

EDIT TO UPDATE: Purchased the BCM carry handle sight tonight. Looking forward to getting it out to the range.


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