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The New Rifleman just put up a table, sent to them by Shawn of Loose Rounds, of windage and elevation adjustments for iron sights on M16A2, M16A4, and M4.

As I plan on having an iron sighted 20″ M16A4 upper to practice with in the next few months, this is useful information. My version will still use Ascalon’s lower equipped with a Vltor A5 buffer and EMod stock, so I guess you could call it an M16A5. Either way, the longer sight radius and carry handle sights (or the shortened LMT style, I haven’t decided) will match up well to the information provided.

Good reading!

2 thoughts on “Useful Link”

  1. Whether you get a carry handle or a cut-down style, I recommend buying a known-good brand. I tried many of the less expensive models, including the fantastic-looking DPMS setup, but found that most had very squishy clicks. The concern may be overstated, but those units didn’t leave me with the expectation that the materials in the adjustment parts would last long with repeated use (though they may be fine for set-it-and-forget-it use).

    Also, google the RIBZ (Revised Improved Battlesight Zero) if you don’t already know about it. It gives you an elevation setting for 100yds, which tends to be convenient for civilian ranges, but doesn’t permanently alter the marked settings on the elevation drum.

    1. I was planning on either the BCM carry handle unit or the LMT cut down one. I know there are lots of other ones out there, but as you said, it pays to get known quality.

      I have heard of the improved battlesight zero, and I fully plan on taking advantage of it.


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